Website Guide

This website has been created for learners primarily studying for PMI examinations, but can be used by anyone who has access to it and finds it useful. It is not the 'gospel;' it is purely an aid to revision, and does not need to be looked at from the first page to the last page, you can just dip in and dip out at the points relevant to yourself and your style of learning.

Disclaimer: The information collected in these pages are taken from various open souce materials and combined into a format for use as a learning aid. Please refer to the References Section.

What are Study Skills

We can describe study skills as “learning how to become a more effective learner”. They enable you to study and learn more efficiently, however, they do have to be practiced and developed. During your lifetime of learning and study you will have to; learn, interpret, condense and recall huge amounts of information. Clearly the specific skill, tool or technique you will use will be determined by; your preferred learning method, topic of study, environment and the time frame you have available. These next pages will cover: 

  • the 5 types of study
  • how we learn
  • ways to read
  • condensing, summarising and cue methods
  • how to take notes & study from books
  • prioritisation
  • visual & auditory techniques
  • how to ensure you don’t miss anything out
  • how to prioritise
  • general study strategy

Some of these methods may be familiar to you, whilst others will not.

Baseline / Benchmark questions

 In order to get a picture of your ‘starting point’ please answer the following questions. 

  • How do you currently study?
  • Do you feel confident / competent in utilising a range of study skills and techniques?
  • Do you know / have an idea about which method is most effective for your  learning?

      for example visual (seeing), auditory (speaking & hearing) and kinesthetic (doing) 

  • How would you condense your notes?
  • How do you study from your books?
  • Can you / do you recognise how to prioritise your notes?
  • Are you able to adapt your style to the type of text you are reading?
  • Do you know what apps and web based study aids are currently available?