We saw earlier in section 3 that people learn through a mixture of: 

  • visual – seeing
  • auditory – hearing
  • kinaesthetic – doing

You could learn from listening to: 

  • module summaries
  • revision key points of notes
  • language – if studying vocabulary
  • another student
  • your tutor
  • audio books
  • podcasts
  • ‘spoken’ PDF files – there are various app available for this purpose You could also record your own notes on:
  • heldheld devises – dictaphone, phone
  • your computer
  • plug-in microphones / headsets
  • apps – text-to-speech, speech
  • webreaderHD etc.

Once your audio recording has been made you can listen to it in a variety of places that includes: 

  • at home
  • whilst travelling
  • when exercising
  • Pre-recording checklist

 Before recording you should consider: 

  • checking your recording equipment – do a short test before recording a large volume of material
  • ask yourself what the objective of your recording is for – for example, remembering key ‘trigger’ words or concepts in depth
  • are these notes for your own use, or do you intent to share them. This will effect the quality and format you convert your recording into
  • how do you want to record your information – in small ‘bite sized’ sections or a large block